Why Isn't Vertigo Comics Day and Date Digital?

20211_400x600Perhaps I'm just dense and this occurred to everyone, but it just struck me... Vertigo Comics (a division of DC) hasn't gone day and date with their comics. At first the justification is that because Vertigo isn't a part of the DCnU that they wouldn't be forced to go day and date and not technically the same company. But wait, remember when DC restructured and everything Vertigo and Wildstorm was brought under one roof? Well that means that Vertigo is very much a part of the day to day that DC is which one would think would mean that they too should have gone day and date digital with the reboot. What got me thinking was this Twitter post from DC that you can read here. It basically reminded me that, "Oh yeah, Sweet Tooth came out this week." I then looked for it digitally and found that only issues one to eleven were available. Interesting I thought, but why the hell wouldn't they have Vertigo go day and date?

I suppose that Vertigo having more creator owned projects may have something to do with it, but still... they're all under one roof. So why didn't DC drum up ridiculous sales numbers for Vertigo comics? They could have easily slapped #1's on all of their series and not told anyone that it was still just the next issue in the story line. At the very least it seems like that was the opportunity to give Vertigo books a digital boost at the same time and DC didn't. This could play into the theory that DC is thinking about getting rid of Vertigo altogether due to soft sales and the failure to attract new readers, which is a hot button for DC right now.

I guess the biggest question I have is why the upper management didn't want to include Vertigo when everything is supposedly functioning under one roof, unless they have something else going on. Really it leaves only two choices: 1) There will be some huge Vertigo digital push after all the DC hype dies down or 2) Phasing Vertigo out may have already begun. I really hope it’s not the latter of the two.