Why Yes, I Am Wearing A Star Sapphire Sweatshirt With A Huntress Tank Top On Underneath

I guess it was bound to happen that there would be pictures of cosplayers on shirts. At least its in the hands of the cosplayer in question Soni Aralynn. We've actually featured her on the site before, but now she's teamed up with Rage On to put her cosplay pics on shirts, sweaters and tank tops. They're supposed to be bright and beautiful and not get jacked up washing them because they're printed using dye sublimation. I don't know what that means, but I'm guess this shirt will maintain its look for a few washes at least. The prices are pretty high, but I did just use the term "dye sublimation" which just sounds expensive. If you're interested you can get one here. Now I'm curious as to which cosplayer will be next? And then I'm curious to see Marvel and DC step in and squash this shit!