Wildlife Graphic Novel Series 'Love' Coming From Magnetic Press

I've actually already read Love: The Tiger, which is weird to say since it doesn't have any dialogue. I really liked it though and I think a lot of our readers will too. Below you can watch the trailer and check out a preview and more info. From Magnetic Press:

Continuing its mission to bring fresh, unconventional graphic novels to the public, Magnetic Press announced the upcoming release of “LOVE: The Tiger”, a wordless graphic novel following a majestic Bengal tiger through a day of survival in the jungle.  Created by Frédéric Brrémaud and Federico Bertolucci, “The Tiger” will mark the debut of a series of wordless graphic novels, each focusing on the wildlife of a different natural environment.  “The Tiger” has been celebrated by fans of nature and animation, winning the Special Jury Award at the 2011 Lucca Comics and Games Festival in Lucca, Italy.

Meticulously rendered by Disney veteran Bertolucci, the LOVE series brings poignancy and depth to the daily highs and lows of life in the wild, portraying every featured species with both journalistic accuracy and expressive personality.  The series has been described as an illustrated nature documentary in the tradition of BBC’s Planet Earth and the many Disneynature films. Each title in the series will spotlight an individual animal through a fictional daily journey, while offering a wealth of parallel tales of other creatures encountered along the way.

Written by Frédéric Brrémaud, the stories contained in the series were designed to be entertaining first and foremost, but the duo’s dedication to accuracy and authenticity lend the series an educational value as well, inspiring conversation and thought about the Circle of Life, and mankind’s role within it.

“The LOVE series works on so many levels,” says Magnetic Press’s Publisher, Mike Kennedy.  “Fans and students of sequential storytelling will be drawn in by the seamless flow and cinematography of each panel, while animation fans and students of character design will be wowed by the expressiveness given to each animal.  And pretty much anybody with a heart will be taken by the beautiful art and dramatic events within.  It just goes to show that great stories are happening every day, all over the world, whether there are people there to see them or not!”

A trailer video for the first volume, “LOVE: The Tiger” has been released, and can be seen here:  


The first 80-page hardcover in the series will be released in January for a suggested retail price of $17.99 wherever books and graphic novels are sold.  The following installments will include “LOVE: The Fox,” spotlighting northern woodland wildlife, in the Fall and “LOVE: The Lion,” set in the Serengeti, later in the winter of 2015.

For more information about LOVE, including a downloadable Press Kit, please visit http://www.magnetic-press.com/love/.

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