Will Lill Comics Reveals Two New Titles

We've got two new issues coming from Will Lill Comics to check it out. Dartman #1 Writer: Richard D. Irving Artist: Lee Melton and Bobby Penafiel Cover: Dan Solano Price: $3.99 (.99 digital) Format: 24 pags, b/w Publisher: Will LIll Comics

Info: This one shot features the adventures of Dartman as he tries to bring to justice The Springer, who murdered an innocent man and save the lives of two hostages.

Grafix Chronicles #4 Writer(s): Lloyd Smith, Jr., Ron Fortier Artist(s): Phillip Fried, Dick Ayers, David Vance, Joe Arnold Cover: Steve Busti and Dick Ayers Price: $3.99 (.99 digital) Format: 24 pages, color Publisher: Will LIll Comics

Info: In this issue, our first color issue, we have 3 great stories. First up is "Toombora" by Lloyd Smith Jr, Phillip Fried and comic book legend Dick Ayers. Next is "The Black Rose" once again by Lloyd Smith Jr and David Vance. And lastly, "Brother Bones: Needle Justice" by Ron Fortier and Joe Arnold. Cover by Steve Busti and Dick Ayers.