Wizard World Chicago - Day 2

I think that it goes without saying that today was awesome. Fridays are always good, but I have to prepare myself, because tomorrow is going to be ridiculous. For those of you who have become regulars of the con scene, you know that Saturdays are always the busiest days of the entire show. But that’s not what this recap is about. It’s about today, and I’ll reiterate how excellent it was. I was on my feet the entire time. I don’t think that I sat down until dinner time. And the pain in my feet is a good pain, and I’ll tell you that the rest of the guys of Heroes and Games are feeling the same pain. Spoiler alert: that’s a good thing. Now for those of you that love the CB cosplay section, this article is just for you. This won’t be my only article concerning cosplay (I’m going to upload a CB Wizard World Exclusive later in the week), but I ran across quite a few amazing costumes today. There aren’t a ton here, I do want to save a bunch for later, but here’s just a taste.

Now for a more Heroes and Games specific section. I’m going to tell you guys something, these are the hardest working people in comics, and not just because they dragged me along to cover the con, but because of the skill that these individuals have in connecting with the public, the talent, and the exhibitors. Their list of references goes on and on for days. I’ve met some of the coolest people in the industry, and I’m not just talking about artists and writers. The real soldiers of the comic book industry are the retailers and the schmoozers. Between Doug, the owner, Cory, his son, and their immediate go-to connections, these folks have over 130 years of experience and knowledge in the industry and related fields. I learn something new every day. Now, I’m not the best student, but I’ve loved every minute of this.


The Heroes and Games booth #344 was pretty busy all day. These dollar book long boxes had hands in them throughout. This is where the magic happens at a con, in my opinion. You never really know what you’re going to find in these boxes. Now you can travel the entirety of the convention center and look through dollar boxes all day and never find anything, but if you do, if you do indeed find that one book that was missing from your collection, then everything is just fine. Sometimes the whole weekend pass is worth that peace of mind that you can finally rest assured. For me, I haven’t found everything that I’ve been looking for yet, but I’m getting close. I’m at least finding the realistic stuff in my “need” list. However my “want” list is still rather long.

But, folks it’s late. I’ve had a long day, and I’ve got an even longer one ahead of me tomorrow. Way longer. So you guys get some sleep, and I promise you that while you’re walking around thinking of something to do, you’ll have my blog, my fee, and my facebook to look forward to all day. Stay tuned.

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And where would I be without @ComicBastards? Nowhere. Thanks for reading, folks. You guys rock!