Worst Movies of 2015 #1

You can't have the "Best" without the "Worst" so in typical Comic Bastards fashion we're bringing you the worst movies of 2015. Yeah we're steadily into the new year, but let's not forget what made for some painful cinema last year. Also, we could only pick the movie's we've seen. So if something isn't on our list and you're surprised... don't be. That means it was so bad we didn't even waste our time.


DUSTIN: Jupiter Ascending

No joke, this film does almost the same thing as Star Wars and Jurassic World in that it tries to rip off the Matrix and fails. Which is really sad considering it’s made by the people who made the Matrix. The performances suck. The CG sucks. The story is beyond suck. Even suck looks at the story and is embarrassed to be seen with it. It’s the worst movie of the year and it had an incredible budget. Instead it just ends up looking like a movie too heavily influenced by the 90’s rave scene. If you want to punish yourself, watch this three-hour turd and try not to laugh at the stupid fuck ending which does not match up with the rest of the fucking story.


DAVE: The Ridiculous Six

I’ve already reviewed The Ridiculous Six for this site, giving it a score of 1/5 and frankly it was lucky to get that “1”. That few meagre positives it did have were supplied by cameos from the likes of John Turturro, Harvey Keitel and Nick Nolte, who must have known they were in a terrible film and decided to have fun with it. The actual plot involves Sandler’s Tommy (aka White Knife) and his five half brothers, all of them different one-note stereotypes, rescuing their father (Nick Nolte) from generic bad guy Cicero (Danny Trejo). The loose plot doesn’t really go anywhere, and recurring jokes about Native American names and donkey shit tell you the intellectual level this is operating at. Sandler phones in a peformance as usual, and even he looks fed up by his films at this point. I can think of absolutely no reason to recommend this overlong, boring mess of a film to anyone. But then, I don’t need to - at the time of writing, this is the most watched film ever on Netflix. Maybe it’s about time for the seas to rise and claim us all.



I loved the First Ted. I saw it 3 times in Theaters. The first Ted film, was so funny, because it felt like a Real Life Family Guy. Ted 2…………..I honestly was speechless when I saw this film. About 20 minutes in, I realized the film began (I’m not kidding) Ted 2 felt like they had a bunch of random scenes and jokes with almost no story and had to piece it together. Mark Wahlberg was horrendous in this film. He barely seemed to show up and when he did, it just felt boring and sad. Also, I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but Ted 2 had almost no music throughout the film. Ted 2 was so bad, I didn’t even care to watch the ending. I turned it off about half way through. This was not only the worst but most disappointing film of 2015.