Worst of 2014: Worst Comic Event

While the end of the year is usually all about the good, we here at Comic Bastards like to also remember... well the worst of year as well. That's right, we've given you the best and handed out our cuts, but now we're handing out golden eggs to our worst picks of 2014. Why a golden egg? Well take a look at the big ass eagle logo on the side and you can put the pieces together. Now let's dive into our next category: Worst Comic Event.

Dustin - Axis

I almost went with Death of Wolverine, but I know that I'm going to be writing that down a lot more so I said fuck, let's tear open the wound that is Axis. This book wasn't really hyped. Marvel just tried laying it out there, but it ended up being a penis hanging out of your fly and frankly no one fucking wants to see that. We're all hoping you'll just panic and get your dick caught in the zipper and then Brett Farve will show up and ruin the movie. What I'm saying is that this book is so bad that there isn't enough room to write about it and DC did good by keeping their head low and not trying to shit themselves... as much.

Andre - Axis

I don't even understand the intentions behind this book. It's like someone vomited up the worst of 90's event comics and put it to print. Can't comprehend how the dude behind this also creates some of my favorite comics.

Nick - Axis. Hands down.

Lazy writing, attention grabbing miniseries to tie in for no reason, changing a lot of core characters through bullshit machinations. Could be applied to Original Sin, but at least OS had heart.

Allen - Axis

I want to include the DC event, but I haven't read it. I read the first few issues of Axis, and wow what a horrible mess of a comic. Marvel was jealous of DC's extreme 90s flavor and brought us this book. The first issue was so all over the place with so many acting out of character (before Red Skull messed with everyone and turned them 100% dick) that I just didn't get why Marvel published this horrible fan fiction...actually I take that back, fan fiction is so much better than this crap.

Steve - Axis

[see above]

James - Death of Wolverine

Is it obvious that I really hated this thing.  To say I was pissed off would have been an understatement.  It simply blew. I'm still angry about it. I don't know if I will ever recover.

Kevin - Death of Wolverine

I hope someone lost their jobs for this. I've rant way too much about in on the CBMFP to Elaborate here.

Austin - All of Them

DC is 95% trashboat and that's all I have to say about that, but with Marvel I usually enjoy the events.  Unfortunately, I think there has been an over-saturation of things happening: Infinity this, Ultron that, Axis this, Secret Wars that-- just let the books shine on their own for fuck's sake.  Bendis is steadily killing it on X-Men, Waid is writing Daredevil gospel every issue, and I'm hearing nothing but good things about any number of solo titles that I'm not even reading.  Just leave them alone.  If the readership pouring in from the box office isn't attracted to the quality of the titles on their own, let them wait for the seventeenth Avengers movie: fuck 'em.

David - Any Marvel or DC Event Book.

Hope I'm not treading on Austin's answer here, but honestly I too am struggling to care about event comics these days. It feels like the rule now is 'if it's an event by Marvel or DC it'll probably suck'  - Original Sin, AXIS and Future's End did little to prove that rule wrong. Some of my favourite books these days are the much lower-key ones, to the point where I don't recall picking up a single one of the big two's event books this year and so couldn't answer this category fairly if I tried. The one event I did read - Valiant's Armor Hunters - was great! But until such a time as I see a major publisher's event book getting rave reviews, I'm going to assume they're all as bad as each other.

Carl - Transformers or Ghostbusters

These books crossed over with other licenses and got worse for doing so.  They are the Ebola of the comic book industry.