Worst of 2014: Worst Comic Related Thing Outside of Comics

While the end of the year is usually all about the good, we here at Comic Bastards like to also remember... well the worst of year as well. That's right, we've given you the best and handed out our cuts, but now we're handing out golden eggs to our worst picks of 2014. Why a golden egg? Well take a look at the big ass eagle logo on the side and you can put the pieces together. Now let's dive into our next category: Worst Comic Related Thing Outside of Comics.

David - Gotham

Yeah I chose Gotham. Why? Well I haven't seen Constantine yet (it's not on the air in the UK!), I personally think that Agents of SHIELD has improved hugely in its second season, and I wasn't expecting much from The Flash but I think it turned out quite fun. But Gotham (or at least the episodes I've seen so far) has been absolutely pants. Too many plot threads, sub-par performances, and some lame characters (seriously Barbara and Bruce are absolutely terrible) made it the loser of the comic-book TV show war in my opinion.

Neil - Gotham

Boring as hell

Nina - Gotham

I can't even handle watching commercials for this show.

Carl - Gotham

I'm seconding what everyone else said.

Steve - Arrow, Flash, Gotham

Infantile writing, even worse acting and filled with fan pandering in all cases. We need better. We deserve better, but the more we accept these shows with their horrendous flaws, the more of them we will receive, without getting anything that is 100% good.

Andre - Constantine TV Show

Like The Hulk over at Marvel, Constantine seems destined for crap adaptations. Poor bugger.

Dustin - TMNT

Much like Death of Wolverine I could sweep all categories with this fucking abomination of a film. It's pure shit. In fact its throw up and shit mixed in a bucket.

Jeff - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Doing a pretty good job keeping my head above stuff I know I won't like (nice knowing you TV) but out of morbid curiosity watched this one. What a mess. Glad I'm not a big web-head fan because Columbia is shitting a very expensive bed.

James - The Amazing Spiderman 2

This movie was just plain old passionless. Both of the "Amazing" ones have been.  They seem to lean too much to effects and not enough to good story.  I never have been sold on Andrew Garfield as Peter either. Compared to the other Marvel offerings this past summer, Spidey by far took a back (waaay back) seat.