Worst of 2014: Worst Movie/TV/Video Game Comic Adaptation

While the end of the year is usually all about the good, we here at Comic Bastards like to also remember... well the worst of year as well. That's right, we've given you the best and handed out our cuts, but now we're handing out golden eggs to our worst picks of 2014. Why a golden egg? Well take a look at the big ass eagle logo on the side and you can put the pieces together. Now let's dive into our next category: Worst Movie/TV/Video Game Comic Adaptation.

Nina - Doodle Jump

What a waste of time.

Dustin - Doodle Jump

I want you to think about this, one of the first shitty cellphone games that went viral... has a comic book. Each page was a dagger to my eyes and I'm pretty sure I peed blood later because it had infected me with something... what makes you pee blood? Whatever it is we should rename it Doodle Jump. Also I support all the other answers on this list... they're all Doodle Jumps in my mind.

James - Robocop: The Last Stand

This comic version based on the original screenplay that was written by the great Frank Miller was supposed to be the Robocop III that was meant to be made, but was brutally hacked up by the studio making for a nearly unwatchable film and driving Miller away from Hollywood for a while. Surely those Hollywood scumbags ruined Frank’s magnificent script in their quest to make a quick buck with no substance?  Right?  Well after reading this mini, the answer to that question is no.  The movie did suck.  The comic book version based on this screenplay sucked a little bit less, but still sucked nonetheless.  Artwork aside, this was simply not a good comic based on a not so good screenplay.  The best issue in this series was the last one and it was an original rendering and not based off the script at all.  Probably should have gone with it all along.

Nick - Angry Birds

...Why. You launch birds from a slingshot at a tower. Are we gonna come up with Anna Karenina, with the proletariat birds uprising against the bourgeois pigs?

Kevin - Big Trouble in Little China

To say this book was mishandled would be an understatement. This was a perfect chance to take this character and continue his adventures. Not hold him back with a bunch of shit.

Neil - Witcher

The game series was great, unfortunately the comic wasn't.

David - Serenity: Leaves on the Wind

This book was so disappointing. I love Firefly and I love the Serenity movie, and when I found out there was going to be a proper continuation of that story I was so pumped. But after reading it I felt really unfulfilled! The artwork was very inconsistent as at some points in the book the characters looked a lot like their on-screen counterparts, and at other points they were almost completely unrecognisable. Meanwhile the dialogue lacked the charm of the TV show and the pacing of the book just didn't flow well. In truth I stopped reading this series halfway through because it was just making me annoyed that we'll likely never get to see these characters on-screen again, and this sub-par comic is the best continuation that we're allowed to have.