Worst of 2014: Worst Mini-Series or One-Shot

While the end of the year is usually all about the good, we here at Comic Bastards like to also remember... well the worst of year as well. That's right, we've given you the best and handed out our cuts, but now we're handing out golden eggs to our worst picks of 2014. Why a golden egg? Well take a look at the big ass eagle logo on the side and you can put the pieces together. Now let's dive into our next category: Worst Mini-Series or One-Shot.

Kevin - Death of Wolverine

Fuck this book(s). An unoriginal, uninspiring and meaningless cash grab that did nothing but cram cameos in a shit story. This mini is a perfect example of a piss poor way to send off an A-list character--simply embarrassing.

Samantha - Death of Wolverine

Terrible ending. What the hell was that? An epic hero should end with grace. Wolverine ended like explosive diarrhea.

Dustin - Death of Wolverine

Really this could win in all of our "Worst of" categories, but nowhere does it apply more than this section. The art was uninspired and while pretty it was same old McNiven. Has he grown since Civil War put him on the map? No. The story.... the story is like fifteen real pages spread out into fan service. This was not the end all be all of Wolverine stories, but rather a clip show for a character that used to be pretty fucking awesome before he became a cash cow.

James - Death of Wolverine

All the hype... All the buildup... All the great memories... All the talent assembly... Everything was in place but the actual book... It sucked on so many levels that I don't really know where to start. Liked the art though.

Andre - Death of Wolverine

This feels almost too obvious, but when you're looking forward more to how your friends' vivisection of a book than the actual experience of reading it, you gotta admit that the comic was shit. And this sir, was a shit comic.

Allen - Death of Wolverine

So, Wolverine no longer has a healing factor. He has a huge bad ass roster of villains. Some random scientist is the big bad? He dies due to his own stupidity and suffocates? I guess spoilers, but whatever, it was super SUPER lame.

Nick - Genius

SUPREMELY on-the-nose, and clearly someone's backdoor-pilot turned into a comic.

David - The White Suits

So I didn't read Death of Wolverine like most of the people here, nor did I read what I hear is equally bad, Marvel's AXIS. But one mini-series I did read was Frank J. Barbiere's The White Suits from Dark Horse. What a disappointment that turned out to be. As someone who is really interested in the Cold War and who had heard good things about Barbiere's writing, I was looking forward to getting stuck into this book. Sadly it turned out to be filled with boring one-note characters, a story that failed to grasp my attention for long and artwork that was very inconsistent at best. A very disappointing mini-series that should have been much better.

Neil - Trees