Worst of 2015: Great Cover, But The Issue Sucked

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Great Cover, But the Issue Sucked" which is basically our worst issues of the year.


JAMES: Nameless #1 (Image Comics)

Man, I was sooooooo stoked for this book to come out and the cover had me riveted. Then I opened it and found a twisted mess of convoluted and recycled plotlines that left me cold. Chris Burnam's cover and overall art for the series flat our rocks though.

The Infinite Loop (1)

ASA: The Infinite Loop #1 (IDW Publishing)

The cover had a beautiful veneer of that classic Bruce Timm, Darwyn Cooke retro style that made me try it with no eye towards the plot. This proved to be a mistake as a convoluted time travel plot with a particularly stretched analogy for LGBTQ rights made this one of the most painful reads of the year.


KEVIN: Batman/TMNT #1 (IDW/DC)

Listen to this week's episode of the CBMFP to hear all about this monstrosity of a comic...



CHRIS: This Damned Band #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Psychedelic and fun, the covers for this series would all make great tour posters for bands. Unfortunately the comic within is convoluted and frankly kind of dumb. A classic Spinal Tap story but for the comic medium, this comic falls apart rather quickly and loses all focus after the first couple issues.


DAVID: Onyx #1 (IDW Publishing)

Gabriel Rodriguez's work on Onyx has been the singular saving grace of this otherwise lacklustre science-fiction story. The cover to the first issue depicted the titular character in her striking silver armor with her laser sword ready to attack, looking like she could be the coolest sci-fi heroine since Samus Aran. Sadly, Chris Ryall's script was nowhere near enough to sell the somewhat daft premise, making Onyx one of this year's more tedious reads.


DUSTIN: Nonplayer #2 (Image Comics)

After something like four years of waiting, Nonplayer returned with another incredible cover. Unfortunately, the story inside shifted and changed so damn much from the interesting first issue that it really hammered home that there was no point in waiting for this issue. The first issue had it's time, but the second issue fell completely flat. I won't be checking in when the third issue hits in 2019.