Worst of 2015: Worst Ongoing Series

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Worst Ongoing Series".


DUSTIN: They're Not Like Us (Image Comics)

First off, I agree with all the other picks on this list. At the end of the day though, I had to go with the series that caused me the most paint though and this was it. Maybe it was just because of the podcast listeners that demanded we continue reading it, but either way... I hate this book. I hate this book like you hate dropping pizza on the floor. If I never think of it again I will live a full and happy life, but something tells me I'll keep hearing about it and it'll ruin my mood, my day and whatever I'm holding in my hand.

KEVIN: They're Not Like Us (Image Comics)

Once again, you can hear Kevin's pick discussed on the CBMFP!


DAVID: Bloodstrike (Image Comics)

At present, I've only read two issues of Rob Liefeld's new Bloodstrike series but frankly that's all I needed to declare it worthy of this title. A ludicrous plot about dull characters which is poorly illustrated by Liefeld's own pen. There is little to nothing here to justify the price of admission, and I'm still quite surprised that this book even saw publication.

Planet Bitch copy

JAMES: Bitch Planet (Image Comics)

Last year I declared 2014 to be known for being "The Year of the Woman". During that time, so many super talented female writers and artists were getting great work and doing fantastic things with the freedom, making some of my favorite comics both then and now. Even this year, many of my favorites have amazing depictions of women and are done by amazing women who are blowing things up in the business. Which is awesome. Over the years, I have built up much respect and love with writer Kelly Sue Deconnick for her Captain Marvel work and espcially her original Pretty Deadly, So I was bringing good vibes to what has become a horrible sexploitated mess that I have seen in Bitch Planet. I still can't figure out what the hell all of these reviewers are reading who are praising this as being one of the great achievements of the year as I do not see any greatness or even any real powerful feminist statements within the pages. I just haven't. Needless to say, I am turning my back on this one and going back to Some of Deconnick's better works.

ASA: Bitch Planet (Image Comics)

I suppose I knew what to expect from this at a certain level (it is called 'Bitch Planet'), but all the excellent word of mouth made me think this might go another direction.Choppy pacing, didactic chunks of exposition, and an incomprehensible setting all served to make this hugely disappointing. I don't think abandoning subtlety was the right decision for this book even if the messages are important.