Worst of 2015: Worst Comic Book Movie or TV Show

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Worst Comic Book Movie or TV Show".


KEVIN: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel Studios)

Give the ole CBMFP a listen this week to hear Kevin's pick!


STEVE: Supergirl/"Flarrow"

Vapid swill wrapped up in empty platitudes to impress the rubes.


DUSTIN: All Comic Book TV Shows (ALL)

I stopped watching everything on network tv because they're all shitty. Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Agent's of Shield. They all suck a big one. I can't wait for Lucifer and I hope it makes it to six episodes before getting cancelled becuase it's called "Lucifer."


ASA: Gotham (Fox/WB)

Oof, what to say that has not been said before. Portraying Gotham city without Batman might work (see Gotham Academy and Gotham Central), exploring the early days of Batman might work, focusing on Batman's villains might work, but Gotham simply does not work. Trapped in the awkward intersection between the camp of the last live-action Batman tv show and the dark atmosphere of Nolan's films, Gotham diappoints on every level. Further, while I would normally not claim that staying loyal to the source material is a must for adaptations like this, it betrays the fundamental wrong-headedness of the creators that they seem incapabale of using any of the material that makes the Bat mythos so interesting. At least we got Daredevil this year.

DAVID: Gotham (Fox/WB)

I cannot stand this show. The first season was so bad that I couldn't bring myself to return for the second entry, especially when other comic-book shows with a similar tone such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones are so superior in every way. FOX have taken the fantastic source material (Brubaker and Rucka's Gotham Central) and stripped it of anything interesting or believable. How anyone is still left to defend this mess of a show is beyond me.