Worst of 2015: Most Overrated Book of 2015

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Most Overrated Book of 2015".


STEVE: Bitch Planet (Image Comics)

I hate to keep kicking this book, and will undoubttedly be accused of "punching down," but KSD seems to get a free pass on this book because, as a friend once noted, she is the cute little puppy of the internet who, if kicked, sends everyone into a tizzy. This "review-proofness" of this book, the ham-fisted way the subject matter in this series is addressed, the shoddy writing and choppy pacing, and the fact that the first trade contained none of the ACTUALLY thought-provoking essays in the series' backmatter (a terrible, telling oversight) makes the buzz around Bitch Planet sinfully overblown. But woe betide me, or anyone else, who questions its sovereignty.

DUSTIN: Bitch Planet (Image Comics)

No one should be a die hard of a comic after one issue. That's just stupid. This book is way overrated and the fan base is blinded by what the author wants it to be rather than whats actually on the page. A medicore story at best.


ASA: The Sculptor (First Second)

It may seem unfair to call this book overrated, since a few notable journalist called it out as a mess, but it astounds me just how many great reviews it also received. I love Scott McCloud and wanted to enjoy The Sculptor, but it read like a the thesis of a freshman college art student discovering nihilism for the first time.


JAMES: Nameless (Image Comics)

I return to Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham's macabre (and god awful) horror opus. The hype was there, The parts looked to be in good order. It should have been good, but it wasn't (and isn't). The disappointment for me was heavy. But still, I see many critics kissing the asses of our creators and giving this one high review marks. It is simply shameful.

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