Worst of 2015: Worst Revival

In our opinion you can't have a "Best of" list without the "Worst of" to go with it. Welcome to our worst picks of 2015. Think of it like the Razzies for comics. Each writer will make their own pick so sit back enjoy "Worst Revival".


JAMES: Bloodstrike (Image Comics)

This Rob Liefeld return to Image is kind of like that old chinese food that sits in the back of your refrigerator for years before it comes out. It may had been good upon its orginal purchase, but when it does reappear, the product is a stinky, moldy, oldy, and horrendous abomination of itself from what it once was. Like ol BS' penis, this return creation should have stayed in a jar.

DAVID: Bloodstrike (Image Comics)

Ditto plus everything I said for my "Worst Issue" pick.


DUSTIN: Back to the Future (IDW Publishing)

There are a lot of revivals that suck absolute dick this year, but I had to go with Back to the Future which released on "Back to the Future Day" and was the biggest disappointment of the day. That's right, more disappointing then the Cubs not going to the World Series or Hoover Boards not existing. Fuck this book.


KEVIN: Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return (BOOM! Studios)

You'll have to listen to this week's episode of the CBMFP to hear all about Kevin's pick!