Would You Buy All These X-Men Legends To Build Jubilee?

Worst. Build-a-Figure. Ever. What the hell was Hasbro thinking when they decided to make Jubilee the build a figure for their new X-Men Legends line of toys? I can understand not wanting to bother with giving her her own sku, but ugh... a build-a-figure? Poor Storm she gets rocked the hardest as she's forced to house Jube's body. In a strange turn Wolverine doesn't actually have a piece of the figure which is strange considering he's the only one that's deeply connected to her. Also that looks like cum on her hands. Went there.

Jubilee-Hasbro-BAF-SDCC Storm Storm-Pkg Stryfe Stryfe-pkg Cyclops1 Cyclops-pkg Magneto Magneto-pkg Wolverine Wolverine-pkg