WTF Year, Day 95: Batman Inc Ends Again, Lobdell Writing Most Superman Titles


I will give DC credit for cancelling Batman Inc. rather than trying to get a writer to take over after Grant Morrison and have the series eventually be cancelled any ways. Also there are too many Bat books as it is. That cover you're seeing from IGN, is actually drawn by Morrison and will be a variant for the last issue #13.

More in the WTF Year department, Scott Lobdell and Tyler Kirkham where announced as the new creative team for Action Comics. I know you're expecting me to follow this with a statement about who's taking over on Superman... no one. It's still Lobdell and Rocafort. Lobdell is also writing an Annual issue which means that in one month he'll have three Superman stories. I really hope everyone likes his Superman because he's basically in control of the character at this point. I'm sure he and Snyder will do... great... things with the character. If you want to see Kirkham's art for the book hit the jump.

Via: IGN, Newsaram and CBR