YAY! Darkseid is back!

I don’t know about you, but I was a little worried that DC was making a big mistake after killing Darkseid for three months. That’s a long time in comics, but then he showed up again as a baby in Justice League #50. What!?!

It’s cool though because he absorbed all their god powers and turned into an adult again, but he was being controlled by his Amazon daughter.

Not cool. BUT then they turned him back into a baby!


I was like, “I have a baby!” Now every day I tell my baby “turn into Darkseid!” He doesn’t listen though because he’s a baby.

I hope in the new Rebirth launch we get to see more of Baby Darkseid, but I have a feeling they’ll just save him for the next amazing event. I hope it’s timed around the release of the Justice League movie because then I’ll have an excuse to take my baby to see the movie.

Baby Darkseid you’re the cutest!