You'll Wish These Rat Queen Shirts Were Real

Well is probably going to become a favorite site for a lot of nerds because it lets you do a mock up of shirts. Load the image and bang, their code will show you a pretty damn realistic view of what the shirt will look like. The blog Comics, Comics Everywhere apparently likes to create a lot of mock ups for the hell of it and did a Rat Queens special. Not going to lie... I would buy all of these shirts and I fucking hate white T-Shirts. As the fates would have it I'm actually wearing my official Rat Queens T-Shirt which now doesn't seem as cool... I would kill for that Betty shirt... or one that said "Shut the fuck up Gary!" Now by no means am I telling you to make your own shirts because then the creators would get zero dollars, I'm just simply pointing out how damn cool these are and hope to see them offered from Image sometime soon.