Your Dad Got A New Job So We’re Moving

That means that you and your sister won’t be able to hangout all summer with Billy and Janey. But don’t worry! If the genre holds true you’ll soon be fighting monsters, aliens or going on some kind of adventure in which you save the town and possible the earth! Of course you’ll be chasing that dragon for the rest of your life since how do you top saving the planet when you’re twelve. The point is we’re switching servers right now so you’re not going to see any new content until that’s finished. For a normal site this would have been done by now, but we have pictures… lots and lots of pictures so it could be a while. As for the picture, that’s a diagram showing the transfer of heat. It was either that or goldfish jumping into different bowls and franking I didn’t understand that. I do understand the transfer of heat though. SCIENCE!

Thanks for your patience and in the meantime feel free to check out our archives (they’re extensive!) and fear not any comment you post will make it over to the new site.


Dustin Cabeal on behalf of the Comic Bastards