Review: Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV E.02

I loved this episode! I could not keep a smile off my face while watching it; it was just that poignant. This episode recounted friend and travelling companion of Noctis - Prompto Argentum’s - history and how he befriended Noctis because of Lunafreya's unintended influence. While driving on the road, Prompto quickly manoeuvres the car out of the way in order to save an injured puppy in the middle of the road. The dog resembles the one Prompto helped when he was much younger (perhaps middle school age) and a flashback of Prompto’s younger years ensues. Admittedly I was astonished to find out that the bubbly, optimistic jokester of the group, Prompto, was once timid, introverted, and a tad overweight (oh and wore glasses). As shocking as this piece of news was, I thought it was brilliant. I mean how often watch do you see an anime depict a male who steadily transforms physically and internally in the hopes of gaining the confidence to make a friend. I also thought that the amount of time it took for him to lose the weight was realistic. This was not a typical weight loss story; it was a story of self-discovery and beginnings.

Prompto was reserved and shy at school; he had no friends and a rather monotonous routine of walking to and from school, eating the same burger with coke and fries, and occasionally taking a photo here and there. Life seemed mundane until a certain injured dog appeared before him. This dog, named Pyrna, belonged to Lunafreya. Unknowingly Prompto took care of Luna's dog until it was well enough to return to its owner. After the dog left, Prompto almost resumed his normal life until he received a letter from Luna, thanking him for taking care of her dog and asking him to continue being friends with Noctis. Prompto then decides to build the courage (frequently turning to Luna's letter for added encouragement) to become friends with Noctis. He takes up jogging and even asks his classmates for tips on how to run better. Once he enters high school, he is finally able to befriend Noctis - who was waiting for him to introduce himself after their very first encounter.

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Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV E.02