Review: Hakuouki: Otogisoushi E.04

In this episode Chizuru's twin brother, Kaoru attempts to drive Chizuru into despair by stealing the gift - a packet of dango- she received from Kondou-san for her hard work. Despite Kaoru's sinister intentions, the plot he conjures up is tame, at best, and funny. I doubt a lost packet of dango could drive anyone to despair. Nevertheless, Kaoru's plan falls through, and he ends up praising his sister in spite of his failure to cause her grief. Hakuouki-Otogisoushi_In the second half of this episode Chizuru (for some inexplicable reason) appears to be troubled (it’s not because of Kaoru's plan though). Toudou Heisuke – the youngest member of the Shinsengumi and leader of the eighth division - tries to cheer up Chizuru by making her a rice ball that turns out to be nearly as big as his face. Chizuru is happily surprised when Heisuke gives her the giant rice ball and begins to dig in when Gen-san walks in and asks Heisuke if he knows where all the rice in the container went.

Heisuke responds by shaking his head in the hopes of proving his innocence, but the humungous rice ball in Chizuru's hand does little to support Heisuke's claim. In the end, both Heisuke and Chizuru, receive a long lecture from Gen-san.

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Hakuouki: Otogisoushi E.04