Review: Farlaine the Goblin: Book 3 The Racelands

Farlaine and his bud, Ehr, enter into the Racelands, and much to my surprise the two get a new partner; a tink. Farlaine, hating the tinks so much, befriends this robot creature. He doesn’t have a name or a sex for that matter but he is mentioned as Friendly once and for purposes sake we shall make him male. The comic revolves this group searching each land in order to find a home for Ehr and Farlaine the tree goblin. What I really love about his issue is the new land we enter. I have to say that I was highly anxious as to see where this goblin was taking us, and hearing from the writer that this was the best book so far made it all that more intriguing. The Racelands do not disappoint and have to be my favorite book so far as well. Farlaine and Friendly want to explore this new land, but in order to enter you have to race. So they jump in the cart and head down this twangled track into hopes of finding the perfect land. The land is made up of three areas; The Race Pit, The Stoptower, and The Bookmaker. The goblin and the tink are curious to see these new areas, but there is only one problem, they can’t move. All creatures are confined to their spots unless they perform one simple act; race! All must be racing to be moving. It is amazingly entertaining how this works, but I am afraid this land would be too anxiety filled for me. So pray before reading that Farlaine moves on.

There isn’t much character building of Farlaine. I feel like we know this fun-loving goblin pretty well. He is tremendously smart and creative with the way he and Ehr create trees to help them through any situation. But we do learn more about the goblins in general. The gang meets up with a fellow goblin, and I thought that all goblins would be creating trees as Farlaine does. This is not the case. It seems that each goblin has a special talent and all search to find their perfect land to hone in on. I find this adorable thinking about many goblins roaming around. This makes me wish Farlaine would run into more goblins or even a land of goblins building a huge community each using their talent.

I still think Friendly has a hidden talent as well. He seems so down in the dumps about himself, so I am waiting for him to shine. Or to even get a name. Poor little sucker. I truly each and every character built into this world. The comic has a lot of fun bringing in new creatures and new landscapes to explore. The book reads as a children’s book with all the fun revolved the series. The art is in black and white, and I think all readers would love to see a TPB using color. Although the covers are in color, I wouldn’t mind seeing how the land laid out.

The comic is fun and for its size isn’t that quick of read especially for kids. The vocabulary is a little high. So definitely a book that is meant to be read together. It will be a tad before we see books 4 and 5 come out, so while you’re bored, pick up the first three issues of this creative comic. And enjoy #3’s land for it will soon be your favorite.

Score: 5/5

Writer/Artist/Creator: Farlaine The Goblin aka Anonymous Publisher: Studio Farlaine Price: $5.00 Release Date: 12/11/13 Website Facebook