Review: Pariah - Vol .1

While I relatively enjoyed Pariah, I wasn’t blown away by it. It does have a lot of potential and ironically enough much of the story is about untapped potential of highly intelligent teens being ostracized for, well, being smarties. I could see it being turned into a low-budget TV series on the sci-fi channel featuring someone from Firefly. At first I was really on board with the underdog concept, connecting with teens that feel like they’re different and are socially out casted. Hell we’ve all been there but it just seemed like the story dragged on. The volume sets up the first few chapters to introduce new characters who are known as Vitros. Turns out these Vitros were some kind of medical experiment gone awry which caused abnormal brain development. Huh, kind of sounds like the intro to Powerpuff Girls or any other generic superhero except Vitros are not glorified; in fact they have been framed as terrorists. Each chapter provides a different perspective of the events unfolding and how the Vitros plan to deal with being fugitives. Although I do appreciate that one of the main Vitros being featured is a female, there’s a little too much emphasis on her teenage romance. Like seriously?! She’s a fucking science prodigy working with dark matter and is now also a fugitive on the run leading a group of super geniuses and you’re gonna stunt her character development with puppy love?  I see whatcha doing here, Aron Warner, and I bite my thumb at you.

Pariah vol. 1 CoverWell anyways the Vitros are either on the run or in hiding when they are approached by a character named Franklin Hyde. Also a Vitro, that wants to take all other Vitros across the globe to an isolated location where they can finally live up to their full potential, away from a cruel society. But to Hyde’s dismay, the chapter concludes with them realizing they’ve been launched into space.

I don’t know if the writers can really go anywhere from here.  I mean their floating around in space, what can they do? Well, I guess they’re geniuses trapped in a space shuttle maybe they will come across a planet with other life forms and they can finally be accepted. Or maybe they will reign over the space scum with an iron fist, could go either way.

Overall, the writing wasn’t anything unique and a bit dry. It seemed liked they tried to build on character development but it came off as a weak attempt. Again, I did like the story and it has its moments but there’s room for improvement. Cover art was done well but the illustrations by Brent Weldele did an alright job accompanying the story; just not overly enthusiastic about it.

Score: 3/5

Writer: Aron Warner and Philip Gelatt Artist: Brent Weldele Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Price: $14.99 Release Date: 12/31/13