Aspen Double Header Review: Charismagic #3 and Scourge #5

While writing numerous short reviews for the New 52, I decided that every once in a while I don’t have a whole lot to say about some review books I receive. But I get this nagging urge to at least talk about them even if it’s only for a paragraph. That brings us to this double-header with two Aspen titles let’s get it going! TheScourge-05b-Garza

Scourge #5 – Gotta be honest this book really didn’t do anything different from the last issue. In fact the narration spends a great deal of time with the main character wondering why the hell he’s doing what he’s doing and endangering all of the people in his care. As the reader, I spent the same amount of time wonder the same thing. Why does he need to do this? How does he magically know that if he stops his best friend the “alpha carrier”that everyone else will be okay? And would that really stop the nukes from dropping when they doomsday clock is nearly at midnight? My answer is “no”, but I have a feeling this book is going to say “yes.” In typical fashion of the series, Lobdell throws in some very descriptive narration about killing someone. It’s pretty vivid and little moments like that showcase he’s true talent, but the rest of the book works from his paint-by-numbers formula that he writes all his books with. If you’ve been following the series than it’s worth picking up just so you’re not lost for the last issue. If you for some reason were waiting to pick the book up until now then you should probably not do that since you’ll be completely lost.


Chrismagic #3 – To be honest I haven’t been following this book too much. The concept was interesting, but it also seems like a really big idea to tackle all at once and this issue sort of solidified that for me. There’s the real world, were only a handful of people can do magic. Then there is the void where everyone can do magic. Then there is a group of Watcher-esc people watching all the magic and we haven’t even set up the plot yet. Thankfully the characters are at least fun and interesting, but they tend to make it difficult to take the series seriously. I like Hernandez’s attempt at reintroducing thought bubbles to comics, but I found that everything the characters were thinking to be overly simplified and didn’t add anything to the story. I don’t know about you, but my inner monologue is either close to what I say out-loud or something I would never say out-loud. It’s never me egging myself on, “Go ahead and say it!” I don’t know who says that to themselves, but if you do then…you’ll really dig the thought bubbles then. The art is still really good and has a cool stylized look to it that perfectly fits the story. I don’t think new readers could jump into the series with this issue, but if you’re curious I would recommend picking up the first issues to start with. If you’ve been reading the book already there are some good plot points and character moments in the book worth reading… just don’t egg yourself on okay? Out September 9th!
Well there you have it! A fifty/fifty review with two, fifty/fifty scores that weren’t from DC! I’m sitting on a bunch of other publisher’s books so you’ll probably see more reviews like this. In the meantime swing over to Aspen’s page and let them know what you thought about the books or find out where you can buy them if you’re interested.