Cover Battle: Marvel vs. Marvel

We have for you today two covers from Marvel, the first X-Masturbation Avengers: X-Sanction #1 and the second is New Mutants #34 the return of Blink! So... which cover sucks more? AvengersXSanction_1_Cover-593x900

Help me out here, I'm having a hard time telling these chins apart... who's who exactly?


How many times is Blink going to come back into existence? We get it, she's a fan favorite, but stop pussy footing around and just put her in the 616 already and call it good. I swear if she shows up and brings up the fact that she's from an alternate time-line and every shrugs their shoulders and moves on I'm going to start buying and burning copies. Also why is she all butch now? I thought everyone liked her because of her look? God knows it wasn't her personality because she never had one. "Whoa is me, I don't have a timeline anymore." Well you're time line was pretty crappy for you so deal with it.

The winner is?

Yeah that first one wins... fucking hands down. The Blink cover is pretty good and it's mostly the story behind it that's going to suck, but if you remove the costumes from "Big Chin" McGuinness' cover you wouldn't know who was who mostly since they share the exact same frame. If you ask me McGuinness is just a better version of Liefeld, more detail and accurate proportions, but at the end of the day its all just Hulk or Cable that he's drawing.