Black Mask Studios' Ballistic Vol. 1 Out This Week

If you missed out on Black Mask Studios' Ballistic then pick up this trade. This series was definitely one of the best things to happen to comics last year and the trade is a perfect way to enjoy the entire series without chasing back issues. From Black Mask Studios:

Balistic TPB CoverAt long last, cult favorite sci-fi freakout BALLISTIC is coming out in trade. With art by legend Darick Robertson (Transmetropolitan, The Boys, Happy!) and written by upcoming filmmaker Adam Egypt Mortimer (In Time: The Minutes, Some Kind Of Hate), BALLISTIC is unlike anything else coming out right now. It's smart, it's funny, it's original, it's disturbing, and it has something to say. In short it is one of those books that just matters.

Welcome to Repo City State, where everyone’s an asshole… even the air conditioners.

Darick Robertson and Adam Egypt Mortimer’s madcap, psychedelic, transreal buddy adventure about Butch and his best friend Gun, a drug-addicted, genetically-modified, foul-mouthed firearm, as they attempt to elevate Butch from air conditioner repairman to master criminal in the twisted, post-eco-apocalyptic Repo City State, a reclaimed trash island built entirely from DNA-based, living technology with bad attitudes.

BALLISTIC Artist: Darick Robertson Writer: Adam Egypt Mortimer Colors: Diego Rodriguez Letters: Crank! Cover: Sonia Harris & Darick Robertson IN STORES 4/22 Black Mask Studios' Ballistic Vol. 1 Out This Week