Kickstarter: Bubbles O'Seven in "Dr. O" by Grainne McEntee & Matt Rooke

Usually I don't do monkey comics. I'll be completely up front about that. I basically give them all a hard pass because it doesn't interest me. Yes that includes Planet of the Apes. For this kickstarter I read the preview which you can read on the project page and I liked it. I wanted to read more of it and so here we are... an article about a monkey James Bond that I never thought I would want to read... maybe it's because of the suit... probably.

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Introducing Bubbles O'Seven, simian star of this first 16-page mini-comic in an explosive new series.

Move over Bond, Bourne and Bauer. There is more to this Bonobo than exploding pens, rolled up magazines and "we're running out of time!"

His mission, to track down and neutralise the rogue threat of shadowy organisation, SpIWIT, is his greatest challenge to date. But is that mission as clear cut as it seems?

We've kept things simple, because frankly, the life of a simian special agent is complicated enough. There are seven reward levels (for your eyes only) which we hope will trigger your interest and explode your senses brightly enough to invest in our sophisticated simian spy.

The cast of creators working on the first issue are Matt Rooke (art), Gráinne McEntee (words), Lee Killeen (layouts), Mike Stock (Letters) and Jon Scrivens (colour assistant). We’ve also secured the rather fine talents of Andy W Clift and Simone Guglielmini for stretch goals should we swing past our target.