Kickstarter: Humanescent by Jacques E Nyemb

We have a cool anthology for you to check out today. It's from Jacques Nyemb and if you've followed the site then his name should be familiar because he writes all of the Not So Super indie comic books, all of which have been reviewed on the site. Today he has an anthology on Kickstarter and it looks really good. I like the theme and the wide variety of artists that he's found to work on the project. Check out the video of course and hit the link to support the project.

Kickstarter Link!

Hey and welcome to the Kickstarter for HUMANESCENT, Volume 1! HUMANESCENT is a full-color, 50+ page, collection of short comic stories, written by me, Jacques Nyemb, and Illustrated by several talented artists (learn more about them below).

All artwork for HUMANESCENT is completed, and the book will be fully laid out before this Kickstarter is over.