Comixology Says Oops! Saga #12 Will Be Available In Their App Store


Fucking really? So Comixology just posted on their blog that they interrupted the policies and pre-denied Saga #12 before submitting it to Apple. They also stated that the issues scenes depicting gay sex or as it's called on the streets man on man bukkake, was never called in to question... I'm sure others will be quick to point out that this is the only thing that really separates this issue from the Sextillion issue.

The point of all this? Nothing. It was all self induced hype and has reinvigorated my passion for there not being one company controlling digital content. We can all go back to saying "Fuck Apple" for different reasons now, but I have to say that all of this has been pointless and irritating. At the very least Comixology has probably learned a valuable lesson, let Apple actually have a shot at denying something before you tell the publisher it hasn't made it.