Review: TMNT - Color Classic: Leonardo (One-Shot)

I went to the store the other day to grab some things and like every other trip I stopped by the toy section. I am not ashamed that I still buy toys almost every time I have some extra cash. Right when I got my tax return it was time to hit the toy store for some much needed plastic figurines. Anyway, have you seen the new Turtles toys that go along with the TV show? They are baller. They remind me of my old school turtle toys. You should check them out and add them to your shelf in your bedroom. (Yeah I know you have a shelf in your bedroom with all your toys and if you aren’t single it is probably in the garage or basement then.)

Now to the comic. Although Leonardo will never be my favorite turtle he has to be the coolest turtle in the group. Hate me all you want but Mikey is sometimes too dumb, Raph has so much attitude, and Donnie is cool but his weapon doesn’t measure up to the others. Leo is a badass. This Color Classic shows Leo taking on the whole Foot Clan by himself.

The other turtles are getting ready for Christmas Eve. Mikey is cooking, while Donnie and Raph put up the tree. April is worried about Leo because he isn’t home. The group agrees that Leo is probably just out and about. The comic flips between the two stories almost every other panel from April and the turtles at home to Leo fighting the Foot. It is so cool how the story flips so fast and just goes to show once again how ground breaking this comic is. The story is kind of funny. Mikey is in an apron complaining about Leo not being there to cut the veggies is humorous. What would you get a turtle for Christmas anyway? I guess pizza is always a good choice. Eventually the gang decides to look for Leo but suddenly he comes crashing through the wall. All he can say is “Shedder.”

This issue clearly is a gateway into the next issue because it ends with those final words. The only thing that is annoying about these comics is that IDW keeps releasing them separate and then all together in one big collection. It is a little too much. Just pick one and so we will. Instead I find myself buying an issue then waiting forever to purchase anything because I am waiting for the collection to come out. Plus IDW has their ongoing TMNT series. It is a lot to handle ok!

Score: 4/5

Story and Art: Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

Release Date: 4/10/13