DC Reveals the Cast of DC Rebirth

Well if you followed along with DC's social media then you saw this image split into four. It's basically along the same lines as the one they did for the New 52 and for when they drew a line in the sand for a $2.99 price point. So that's the new DCU... let's see if we spot anyone notable.

  • Sorry Martian Manhunter... your face is their greatest threat currently.
  • Sorry Firestorm... no one cares about you.
  • Too many assholes wearing an "S". Six or Seven total, there's a guy cut off by the Flash's arm and Bizarro I guess counts.
  • Too many Marvels. Six total.
  • Harley Quinn is apparently a good guy now? AND Deathstroke and Deadshot... or they just couldn't resist adding movie characters on here.
  • Too many Green Lanterns and not front and center anymore...
  • Green Arrow moved to side where he belongs.
  • Two Batgirls and a Spoiler... too bad we've been without Spoiler for too long at this point.
  • Two Blue Beetles... seriously get ride of the alien one.
  • The Atom is allowed to ride on Wonder Woman's shield...
  • Batman's costume still sucks.
  • Why the fuck is Aquaman and Mera front and center?
  • Donna Troy is on the wrong side of the page.
  • Too many Wally Wests. Pick one. We don't need fucking two of them and you're going to get backlash either.
  • Nightwing is alive, that's too bad.
  • Two Robins, a Red Hood and a snapback Arsenal.

That's all I care to really list. While it's somewhat nice to see them return some of the character overlap like Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Spoiler, when you mix that with Hipster Batgirl that doesn't really work. Two Wally's... that doesn't really work. When there was legacy that was different from just having two fucking versions of the same person. That doesn't really work for me.