E3 2015: Atlus – Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & The Monster Seal

This was another sequel that I had never played the original game to, but unlike things like Afro Samurai 2, Dungeon Travelers 2 seemed more inviting to new players. After all it’s a dungeon crawler and I do mean that in the strictest sense of the words. What I found interesting about it was the fact that you play in first person almost like Doom running down hallways and exploring dungeons or just maps laid out like dungeons. The combat is like a turn based RPG and that’s all pretty straight forward.

If you like anime’s or manga though you’ll dig the game because it’s basically a harem style of story. You’re the one lone male character and you’re collecting female team members (16 in total) and customizing them with five different base classes and sub-classes. The classes are where you can really tweak your characters which all come with a blank slate of sorts, and make them match your play style. Changing their classes and such will also change their look which is a big part of the game because the art is great.

The game is going to be out this summer for the PS Vita and cost $39.99. Personally I enjoyed it as it was entertaining, but a bit mindless. I wasn’t so worried about failing my task and could kind of just enjoy the battles and the characters. Since it’s on a portable, I doubt you’ll sink several hours at once on it, but if you have a few minutes to kill it would be worth it.


OFFICIAL GAME SITE: atlus.com/dungeontravelers2/