E3 2015: Atlus – Persona 4: Dancing All Night

I’ve never gotten into Persona. I’ve tried and ultimately it’s a franchise that’s fun to hear about, but not something I want to play myself. But a dancing game… well that really is for different market now isn’t it? Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a pretty basic dancing game. Apparently it’s only for the PS Vita which is strange because I played it on a PS4, I don’t know if something hasn’t been updated, but I couldn’t find anything suggesting that it was coming to the PS4. More than like that was just the PSTV compatibility though.

At any rate, it’s a decent dance game. I played on “normal” and found it to be somewhat challenging on a controller. You only use the side three buttons and often times you use them together. There was a special bonus that I was never skilled enough to use, but I got through the songs just fine. The demo I played had four songs, but the full version will have a ton of music from the franchise remixed and whatnot.

The game itself is going to have a story mode that goes across 27 stages. They really didn’t go into details on what that would entail so I can’t say what that will be like, but it’s interesting to have a dance game with a story mode.

Overall I think this is a game for two types of people: Persona fans and rhythm game fans that are happy to see a resurgence in rhythm titles. Personally I wouldn’t play it again, but considering how many people I saw play it and love it I would decide for yourself based on whether you fall into the two aforementioned categories.

P4D Disco Fever Edition Glam Shot

OFFICIAL GAME SITE: atlus.com/p4dan