FCBD Review: Mouse Guard/Rust 2013 Flip Book

Welcome to Free Comic Book Day! Instead of our usual lengthy reviews, we’ll be presenting more of a mini-review for some of FCBD issues. With that said, the scoring is also going to work a bit differently. Each book gets one of three scores: Pick It Up, Borrow a Friends If They Get It, Pass on It. Let’s begin!

I’m not going to lie; I got really choked up reading the Mouse Guard story. I’m talking, fighting back tears it was so damn touching. The story takes place in the bar that’s become the familiar setting for the Mouse Guard Legends series and the husband that co-owns the bar is scolding his daughter for hanging out with their questionable clientele. She jokes about falling in love that night and running away and so her father tells her a story. It’s a great fucking story... read it.

There’s a quick Jim Henson’s Labyrinth story which was decent, but I think a longer version or more time with the characters would have been better. In the middle is a quick and clever Cow Boy story and it utilized the flip book nicely.

Once you flip the book you get the Rust story which shows two little girls trying to get some chicken eggs from the giant war machine that’s stuck in their field still. It was a nice little story and the little girls are very cute as they ask Jet for a rocket ride, but without saying it outright.

The last tale is Bolivar, which I am unfamiliar with. It too was cute though, as a young girl is asking a shop keeper what type of dinosaur is in her drawing. It’s got a twist to it so I won’t spoil it for you, but make sure you flip the comic right after reading Cow Boy.

Archaia’s flip book is always a great read and they’re all original stories created just for the issue.

Score: Pick It Up!