FCBD Review: Star Wars/ Captain Midnight/Avatar: The Last Airbender

Welcome to Free Comic Book Day! Instead of our usual lengthy reviews, we’ll be presenting more of a mini-review for some of FCBD issues. With that said, the scoring is also going to work a bit differently. Each book gets one of three scores: Pick It Up, Borrow a Friends If They Get It, Pass on It. Let’s begin!

The Star Wars story was the best thing that’s come out of that new series. We’re finally treated to Darth Vader’s thoughts and Boba Fett makes a kickass appearance. I’m going to skip telling you what it’s about because if you’re following the series you’ll want to go in spoiler free. It’s a good tale though.

On the Captain Midnight story, I felt a little lost as I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening in the present. Two men are in the Captain Midnight museum and one man tells the other about a past adventure involving a “ghost.” I liked the action and the golden age throw back that the flashback had, but I did feel lost on the present time line, but I’m sure that’ll be cleared up when the new series hits. It did get my interest in the series though.

If you’re not following Avatar: The Last Airbender then you’ll definitely feel lost on the last story as well. If you are it follows the character Mai as she works in a flower shop. She was dating the Fire King, but now her heart aches for him. She’s asked out by a boy that comes into the shop and out of boredom she says yes. It was decent and it reminded me to get caught up on the series.

Score: Pick It Up!