Go Ahead And Burn Them: DC's One Million

Remember when DC said that it was going to make it to a million issues of all of its titles in an attempt to show that comics were here to stay? They had a huge sales gimmick push where for one month every book they published jumped into the future as if the issue had made it to the millionth edition. It was again, to show that comics were here to stay. It’s funny how much can change in just over a decade. Here we are now with DC doing another sales gimmick of rebooting its entire line and saying they're doing it... because there are no new readers. So in a way DC's mantra has become, "Comics are here to stay, the way we say." What's even funnier is that it's the same people in charge of DC now as it was back then which really makes you wonder what the problem is? It kind of reminds me of this Warren Ellis post.

The point of all this? Go ahead and burn that 1,000,000 million crap because it ain't going to be worth shit and frankly was a terrible gimmick to begin with. That and you'll probably be able to buy it digitally for the low, low price of $3.99. But for right now, from one collector to another... burn it and make some room in your collection for something new and better... from a different company perhaps. But if you honestly think you're going to sell the whole bundle one day for $119 bucks like this guy... you are sadly mistaken.

Until next time when I give more advice on what to prune from your collection, remember: Comics are only worth what someone else will pay.

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