Internet Troll Gets Pwned When Cosplayer Drops A Knowledge Bomb!

There seems to be this eternal battle of sexism when it comes to "geek girls" and "gamer girls" and cosplayers about their "cred." Some people in the geek world feel the need to call out women for being fake just because they may not know as much about a character or frankly just fucking because. Let's be honest fandom exists on many levels and so creating prerequisites is very stupid. No fan knows everything and if they did, no other fan would give a shit. All of this is a way of saying that if you're going to continue this stupid battle of the geek sexism, then you better know your shit. The above image shows someones attempt at meme'ing a cosplayer and well... read the right hand side and the headline again if you need to figure out what happened. You want to know what comics are niche? Because certain people love crazy shit like Duela Dent, hands up if you're one of them because I certainly am.