My Top Rack… Danger Girl: The Chase

This week saw the release of Danger Girl: The Chase and while I haven’t kept up with the series it's always one that I enjoy from time to time. By no means is it my favorite series, but yes I do enjoy the fact that it’s just James Bond with women… multiple women. “The Chase” marks a return to form in my opinion. It has just enough cheese to it, but manages to be serious in the same vein. That’s what’s great about the series is the fact that it always takes itself series even when the reader can’t and that’s okay. Yes it’s corny, but it’s intentional in that way, but thankfully doesn’t spend all its time trying to be corny. It's the perfect balance.

Danger Girl - The Chase! 001-012

At its core the series is really all about T&A, but in the process it actually delivers some fantastic character designs. Also you could make an argument that Abbey and her crew are strong female characters even if they’re cheesecake at the same time. Abbey doesn’t call in a man to finish her job, she just gets shit done. (As you can see in the above image!)

I’m also picking this book for the sheer fact that Andy Hartnell found a way to dump water on Abbey’s chest revealing her bra and forcing her to run around looking like she just won a wet T-Shirt competition. How can you not love that? Add in the fact that Sonya Savage can do what she wants with me in the bedroom and that crazy Dragon lady is also hot as hell and this book reminds you why some cheesecake in your reading diet is okay.