It's Called Gotham City Impostors for a Reason

So there's new(er) trailer for the downloadable game called Gotham City Imposters. Boy it's got people on the inter-web pissing and moaning fanboy style. Why? Because ”it doesn't have Batman in it and this just looks like a knock off of Valve's Team Fortress 2 and that's bullshit." Are you kidding me? One guy by the name knorieworiebobsnor said this and I quote: "THIS IS SACRILEGE! EVERYBODY, DON'T BUY THIS! SO THAT THEY REALIZE THAT IT WAS A BAD IDEA! IF YOU BUY THIS, THEN YOU'RE NOT A TRUE BATMAN FAN!"

No shit, he used the power capitals letters to show the level of his passion. This guys is acting as if Monolith Productions and DC came to his house and penetrated him with a copy of the game. I got bad news for ya bro' Batman has been selling out for a while now, this isn't the first time and I promise you it sure as hell won't be his last.