Kickstarter: Catfe... A Cat Cafe For L.A.

First off... that rhymes so it must be true. On to business. A cat cafe is a place in which people go to play with cats while they have snacks. They're big in Japan and have begun to spread throughout the rest of the world and now Carlos Wong wants to bring one to L.A. He just needs $350,000 dollars to do so. If this gets funding it will be pretty incredible, but seeing it function will be more incredible. In his video which you can watch below, Carlos lists a ton of daily tasks that while simple to list... are actually like three businesses in and of themselves. It's interesting that he went to kickstarter which has been primarily for nation products. A smart wallet, a comic, a wallet made out of a comic book; these are things that can be shipped and experienced on the national and international level, whereas Catfe is just in L.A. I'll tell you right now though... if it does reach its goal and they do open up shop... Comic Bastards will be there. Here's the Kickstarter page in case you want to make that happen just to see us there.