Review: Clone #15

Let me tell you right now, that when this comic becomes a TV show… don’t get attached to anyone. ANYONE! This story arc has been good. It’s kept up with the standard of the series (and that standard is high!) and while there has been some action, there haven’t been as many balls out crazy action scenes… until this issue that is. Things have been going okay for our Clones. They’re certainly not great, but at least the majority of them aren’t been killed anymore. They’re numbers have dwindled to just over fifty and with they’re support group they’re sitting at sixty-one in total. They’ve been given an offer to join their clone sisters on an island in Japan and everything is looking like they’re going to Japan.

This issue we meet the female clones’ father. His name is Ayato Hatanaka and Luke’s dad cloned his daughter after she was diagnosed with Assinkik Disorder as well. Unfortunately she didn’t live, but she was cloned many times over.

For me… this dude is a huge red flag. There has to be something going on because it was already ridiculous that Luke was cloned so many times, but now there’s a rich dude living on an island with his cloned daughter… tons of them. It’s just weird, but I get that they’re desperate and can’t pass this up.

Clone 15_coverOur runaway clone is also sent for and Daddy dearest sends the clone by the name of Kazumi to convince him to join them. This amounts to them doing the nasty in a gross bar bathroom, but tattoo face turns her down all the same.

In the last issue we learned that the support help couldn’t come with the clones to the island and that includes Luke’s wife. While the normal people were cool with this since it meant going back to living a normal life, but for her it means giving up her baby and husband. Beta tells her that she can’t tell Luke because if she does he’ll stay and the rest will too. I get the impression that his mental suggestions are very strong or something. It reminds me of when Beta was having the clones exercise their minds and focus and they all ended up writing the same number whereas before they didn’t. It’s interesting.

The last half of the book is the military finding their position… so basically all hell breaks loose. It’s great.

This was an intense issue. It was very much like the early issues in which you never had a chance to catch your breath because so much was happening. There are some character deaths that are pretty shocking and several plot points put in motion for the next issue that will give you plenty to look forward to.

The writing is as sharp as ever. In particular the conversation between Beta and Luke’s wife was great. He used a tactic I didn’t see coming which was the truth. He put everything solely on her shoulders and the pressure is intense.

Ryp is as busy as ever in this issue. I said in my early reviews for the series, that if he leaves the book or they’re forced to produce an issue without him it will hurt this series. I stand by that. We’re fifteen issues in and the mark he’s left on this series is huge. It’s the work of his lifetime and because of that he’s not replaceable. Again, kudos to Andy Troy and his fantastic coloring; the coloring brings this book to life and I imagine that Troy is putting in as much work as Ryp is at this point. They’re a deadly, but great combination.

If you haven’t started reading Clone then don’t start with this issue since the story arc is nearly over, but do start the series. The first two volumes are out so you can start there and should. This issue in particular showed that this series still has plenty of tricks and surprises in store for us, so check it out.

Score: 5/5

Writers: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsburg, Wade McIntyre Artist: Juan Jose Ryp Colorist: Andy Troy Publisher: Image/Skybound Entertainment Price: $2.99 Release Date: 3/5/14