Lucky Bastards: March 2013

Welcome to the "Lucky Bastards" monthly article where the writers of Comic Bastards come together and pick their top moments in the industry ranging from actual comic issues, to news and even the entertainment industry. Kick your shoes off and enjoy the read, but don't forget to check out the "Stupid Bastards" article that will follow.

Ed: Copra #5

I've been in love with Michel Fiffe's self-published indie take on the Suicide Squad concept ever since I first discovered it and the latest issue was particularly excellent. With crazy story and even crazier artwork I can honestly say there's nothing else like it. Review to come soon!

Steve: East of West #1

Look, let’s get something straight: I’m a huge Jonathan Hickman mark. Despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to not like his stuff. He has this innate ability to distill gigantic concepts into stiff cocktails, often redefining each turn of the term “concentrated.” His new book, East of West, is no exception and after the first issue, I honestly cannot wait to see how this supernatural apocalyptic revisionist wild west story plays out over at Image. Already a fan of his Avengers books, not to mention the addictive comic book chicanery going on in The Manhattan Projects, I think East of West is going to be a fantastic addition to Hickman’s already impressive library of titles. Keep an eye on this one!

Matt: East of West #1

This book is the shit. No really, it was easily my favorite thing to read this entire month, and I keep trying to figure out where the hell the story is going to go. They already killed the fucking president. There are just so many things that can be done with the world in this book, and waiting for the next issue is akin to water boarding. If you haven’t read it, I’m upset with you, and your mother would be disappointed.

David: East of West #1

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse like you never seen them before.  Amazing story, amazing artwork.  A 10, five stars, two thumbs up.  Whatever scale you want to use, this one will max it out!  A must read!

Samantha: Danger Zone

So many good comics came out this month from The Private Eye to East of West I couldn’t pick just one. Instead I did a copout and pick an announcement; Action Lab and Danger Zone. I am stoked to see all of these comics, especially Ehmm Theory. What gets better than a talking kitten… nothing. I have marked my calendar for the release of all these comics. Also, the writer, Brockton McKinney, of Ehmm Theory lives in North Carolina. So he is pretty much my 3-hour-away neighbor.

Jordan: Batman #17

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo end their arc of “Batman: Death of the Family” with a finale so good, it cements the run having cannon status. These books will be definitive Batman right alongside legends like the “The Laughing Joke” and “The Dark Knight Returns”. Snyder`s writing is pitch perfect as he totally re-imagines the Joker more brutal and scary than ever before and crafts a story that will cause a rift in the Bat-family for a long time to come. Capullo`s art illustrates expertly all the over the top grotesqueness and twisted Joker moments just as well as he lays out the quieter more emotional ones. Kudos gentlemen, kudos indeed.

Dustin: Kurtis Wiebe's New Project

I have to say that this is how you tease a new project. The art is gorgoues and can catch anyone's eye that just happens to be glancing, but then there's the character quotes. Man I laughed hard at this one. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to Wiebe and companies announcement at C2E2 and so should everyone else.