Marvel Studios Begins Phase Two - Concept Art and Set Photos!


By now you've probably seen the picture above which is the concpet art from Captian America: Winter Soldier. We see Steve Rogers in his civies battling a metal armed Winter Soldier minus his star on the arm. Still, it's pretty cool. After the jump we have some similar concept art for Guardians of the Galaxy and even more from Captain America including the Falcon! Also leaked info about Avengers 2, the film will be filming in the U.K. in the same studio that Thor 2 and GotG is filming at. I wonder if that will play into the story at all, but we can look forward to plenty of leaks since Thor was had more leaked photos then any other film speaking of which we have new ones. Also included is some Ant-Man photos!

If I'm leaving anything out it's because I've updated this thing four times so just enjoy the damn pictures already.

Via CBR, Ain't It Cool, Multiversity, Spin Off