Superior Octo-Spidey Week Continues With New Sinister Six Book... Filled With Assholes


The idea of an ongoing book starring some of Spider-Man's rogues is awesome. In fact if the original Sinister Six had been given an ongoing that constantly showed their manipualtion of Spidey's life even while they weren't working together, that would have been cool. But Superior Foes of Spider-Man stars a bunch of ass-hats. Did Slott kill off all the other decent villains in Spidey's rogue gallery or something? These guys suck even to look at.

Nick Spencer is writing the title and while I enjoy his Image work, I have never been a fan of his Marvel work and neither has Marvel. They seem to cancel him faster than any other creator which is kind of sad. The book is drawn by Steve Lieber and coming out in July so try to remember it. The cast in case you were wondering, consists of: The Shocker, Boomerang, Speed Demon, The Beetle, Overdrive and a mystery character called "Insert Caption Here" that you'll see after the jump.


Tip: Sergio Porras