New Gameboy Is A Bit Strange

Usually I don't weigh in on Nintendo because they do what they do and always will. I'm fairly certain that's the company motto, either that or "Put a Mario in it". Anyways, the Gameboy is one of the few things that Nintendo makes that I actually like and enjoy. They struck pay dirt with the Gameboy Advance SP which was the first collapsible Gameboy. It was a perfect square and frankly kicked all kinds of ass. Every since then they've stuck to that simple design of making the machine close like a flip-phone, but the difference is that you were happy about it. For some reason their new Gameboy is a part of the 3DS family, but doesn't have 3-D and it looks like a hand-held video poker machine that you would get in your stocking for Christmas when you're parents were just like, "I got your video game system right here." Watch this video... it's informative, but it won't make you want one of these in the least bit. I think it's a Gameboy for old people who didn't like the super-sized screen because they still had to open it. It's the jitterbug of Gameboys.

Via Japanator