There's A Sequel To Super Mario Bros. The Movie... It's A Web Comic

Let me walk you through my experience with Super Mario Bros. The Movie. I remember going to see the movie with several of my friends after we had graduated the fifth grade. Graduation was really just a waste of an hour and an excuse to let us all leave school after only a half day. We were kids so we were excited to see the film. We even liked the changes they had made that we had only viewed on the TV trailer. I remember even having a few slurpee cups that are long gone now. We watched the movie... we did not like the movie. It was a fun experience though because of the day and I have never forgotten it since, but more so I remember eating a half a box of Red Vines throughout the course of the movie and then coming home and puking them up for the rest of the night. That's about everything you can expect from the film. I have never watched it since, but I remember that it sucks terribly. I also remember the "princess is in another castle" ending in which they basically show up and beg for a sequel to be made. I refer to this as the "Super Mario Bros. Ending" and I refer to it a lot in films and comics because it's something that happens. I hate this type of ending which is why I call out the first movie I ever saw use this ending, by name whenever I can. Now that, that is said... there's a sequel. One of the writers on the film made it a web comics. He has a great forward that I will post below along with a few pages to check out, but he informs us that there were ten writers on the movie... somehow that doesn't make me feel better about the film. If you want to read everything there is for the comic so far, then you can do so here. I read it and was not impressed. The art is great, but the story... oh that story. Well let's just say that I'm still not a fan of the story.