NYCC 2016: Boom and DC Make Weirdest Crossover Yet

By Dustin Cabeal

If you're new to the site, then no that I'm not a fan of Planet of the Apes and I am a fan of Green Lantern. This crossover doesn't excite me in the least bit and really seems like another desperate attempt from BOOM! to get noticed by Diamond so that they'll make them a premiere publisher. "Look, we put that monkey license with the same franchise DC let IDW shit on! Give us premiere status!" This was how I felt upon reading this news and it's the only good thing to come from POTA. The only good thing.

If you are excited for this, good for you. This if for people like me who wonder why shit like this continues to be made and haven't forgotten the terrible and disappointing Green Lantern/Star Trek crossover from last year/early this year. I'm still waiting for exciting news to come from NYCC... and it's not this.