Read Double Takes First and Second Issues Now

This is actually a nice prelude to a podcast we're going to be doing with a couple of the Double Take guys. In fact, if you have questions then let us know in the comments. Otherwise this is a good opportunity to catch up on all ten of their first issue and all ten of their second issues. If this is your first time on the site then you don't know that I've reviewed all twenty issues... actually I've reviewed all thirty issues, but the third issues aren't on their comic book player yet. As for the player, its browser friendly so you won't be reading the entire page, but rather going panel by panel. The artists for each book really keep both print and digital in mind while creating the book so you won't see any awkward arms hanging out the side or any of that crap.

If this is your first time with a Double Take title then perhaps some additional info is needed. This shared comic universe takes place in the world of The Night of the Living Dead. Don't go looking for the issue that rehashes the film because it doesn't exist. There are some overlapping characters and scenes from the movie recreated, but its the event and setting that's important to this world. Since I also have the benefit of having read the third issues I will go one step further and explain that there are several comics that break from the traditional mold of storytelling. You'll find in books like Spring and a few others that characters tell seemingly random stories instead of narrating point by point to. This is intentional as it would be rather dull to explain what's visually unfolding in the issue, instead they build characters with these stories. I think that's important to know off the bat because if you don't like it, then skip it and make it a silent issue. It won't change the plot, but they are interesting and sometimes funny stories.

Perhaps at this point you're interested in more info about Double Take, in which case I would encourage you to check out there site... here.

Again, we welcome any questions you have for the Double Take team and if you have any problems with the player just let us know, otherwise happy reading!

*So the player doesn't work to well on mobile so if you're having problems then definitely head over to Double Take's site where you can read the titles in the same web-friendly format.