Review: Mayoiga – E.03

I should probably refer to this series as “The Lost Village” since that’s it’s English title, but I always seem to pick wrong. I refer to the English title and everyone else on the internet will use its Japanese name and like Mayoiga, vice versa. But I will for the sake of this review be using the title The Lost Village so I can make the following joke:

“The Lost Village, more like lost my interest!”


I know, I know… feel free to use that one. At any rate, that’s what has happened with this series. There are technically no confirmed deaths in this episode which means that the gore and horror of it all is probably waiting for episode five and six which is the typical formula for most anime. It’s unfortunate though because I won’t be sticking around for much more. I think by the time the shit double hits the fan I will probably be so numb to these characters that I won’t even be happy that they’re dead. Worst case scenario is that most of them live which would put off this show in a heartbeat.

It is the characters that I absolutely can’t stand. I find nothing to like about any of them. Even our little puppy dog main character is an unlikable douche. The only reason I put up with him in the least bit is because he actually shows human emotion on occasions, but then is quickly squashed by the rest of the herd. None of these people are acting realistically. They’re all still too friendly and too polite for the situation they’re in and it’s all because they think they’re going to be living with each other for the rest of their lives. News flash, you can still not like someone and spend a lot of fucking time with them. I mean that’s basically every job ever so I don’t buy all these asshole maintaining their internet façade while the story waits to surprise them so they can all drop them at once.

We do see some cracks in this episode as we learn a bit of the backstory behind the guy that’s always fucking yelling and telling everyone to be series. We learn this as he’s choking out the grad student that received a fucking email telling her where the town was. He eventually let’s go, but it was just a dumb fucking scene and what makes less sense is that the mentality he and the others are displaying is the same as the people that fucked him out of society.



The other two cracks come from Jack, still my favorite character due to lack of lines, as he attacks the guy that’s claiming that he’s stealing his “style.” This is the asshole with the eyepatch and weird fucking chin that looks like a pirate from a bad Disney animation in case you forgot one of the thirty plus characters. Jack tries to kill other Jack and gets locked up. This sets off the crazy fucking woman that wants to execute everyone and she tries to kill puppy boy by drowning him and he gets a boner because he sees her bra. Was I supposed to laugh? I didn’t, but I’m wondering if that was an attempt at dark humor?

This story should be serious and thrilling, but the art isn’t a good match for it. It’s all too bright and the characters are all too generic. I get that there’s danger because the story basically says there is, but there’s no sense of dread. I’m not scared for anyone nor am I scared watching and I really think with this type of story I should be. I should be worried that one of the characters are going to die, but I’m not. In fact, I’m hopeful that they will. I’m rooting for the bad guy and I don’t even know who they are. It’s not good when your entire bloated ass cast of characters all have go-away heat. What also tells me that the tone and maturity just isn’t there is the implied rape that happens between the second and third episode. Sure they mention it, but it’s not shocking and it’s glazed over like it’s no big deal which is probably the most distasteful thing about this episode and series to date.



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